neljapäev, november 13

Instruction for work the two hours of today class.

Grupo A1

1. Download the material for the “animals” presentation which your class mate prepared for today and, give it a careful reading.
2. Make two redaction, one for transports and the other for clothes, each of one from 100 words. I’ll pick up them next class, will be the only date to give them to me.
3. Read and answer page 56 from 59 from your “español en marcha” book, where you will find;
a. a reviewer from verbs “ser” and “estar”
b. a continuation for transport topics that we already checked last class.
c. a reviewer from vocabulary of house and apartment.
d. Maybe the only new one for you is the topic of your “Neighborhood / el barrio”, “pasear / to have a walk”, which is related with adjectives that you already should manage.
e. and finally the auto-evaluation from unit 6.

Grupo A2

1. La tarea de la “receta de cocina” utilizando "los imperativos" envíenmela por correo electrónico hoy mismo.
2. Miren el cortometraje "clases de ruso" y, descarguen también aquí el material para trabajarlo, hablaremos de él el próximo martes.
3. Trabaja los ejercicios del imperativo que puedes descargar aquí.

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